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Crary Boots | Lifestyle

Crary Boots asked us to create a lifestyle brand that would reflect the American Made, genuine quality of their boots that are made right here in Portland, Oregon. They wanted us to create lifestyle videography and photography for their website, social media and Kickstarter campaign. 




  1. Creative direction
  2. Art direction
  3. Location scouting
  4. Photography
  5. Lighting
  6. Casting
  7. Wardrobe & makeup 
  8. Social media layout & design

We created the hashtag #crarytravels to help showcase how their boots could handle anything you throw at them. We accomplished this idea by connecting with authentic brand ambassadors who partnered with us to help tell their unique story and heritage. 


We launched Crary Boots on Instagram to showcase not only the quality of the boots but the lifestyle that goes with them. We had a specific content/branding strategy that we knew would help attract potential customers and content creators to start engagement at the ground floor.

Instagram Example #1.jpeg
Our passion is to craft high quality American boots, built on generations of knowledge, and merge it with the styles of tomorrow.
- Bill Crary